What are we doing?

Trading Terminal

Trade manually on a tick chart with the display of each order onto the chart or using the usual candlestick chart with lightning-fast execution of orders on the exchange.

Automatic Trading

Set up built-in strategies, create your own algorithms using the Modular Algorithms Builder, or trade off signals on full auto.

Back-testing on historical data

Verify without any risk the potential profitability of your hypotheses and strategies on historical data before real trading.

Trusted Management

Select the most successful managing trader and copy his trades on full auto on mutually beneficial terms.


Buy and sell trading strategies, educational materials, choose managing traders for Trusted Management, or become a manager yourself.

Content platform

A certain percentage of the profits will be directed towards community development. A platform will be created as an educational resource with valuable information on which users can post their own useful materials(content) and receive rewards for it.

You can read more about all the features of MoonTrader in the WhitePaper
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For whom MoonTrader is designed?

Novice trader
  • Shareware product with limited functionality, aimed at familiarizing the user with its operation before committing to purchase.
  • Paper trading, a very useful way for one to test trading skills and strategies before risking any actual money.
  • The ability to develop the Trader’s skills in automatic and manual trading.
  • Access to an active and vibrant community of Traders where live communication, mutual support, and the exchange of ideas and experiences can happen.
  • A modern trading platform with content created and designed by Traders, for Traders.
Professional Trader
  • A versatile and flexible tool to support any kind of trading (scalping, intra-day, etc.).
  • The ability to optimize ideas and strategies for effective and profitable algo-trading.
  • The possibility to back-test strategies on historical data, and to optimize the settings in a dynamically changing and rapidly evolving market.
  • A comprehensive marketplace for the exchange and development of algorithms and services related to trading, training, Trusted
  • Management services, and to provide assistance in analyzing and setting up the most profitable trading opportunities.
Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts
  • Access to the advanced technologies supported by our Safe Distributed Trading Management environment, and access to our database of the best Managers (Experienced traders, reviewed on the rating table). This makes it possible to find the best remote Trader (or several) for your own unused capital. The technology in short words can be described as Copy Trading - a more recognized term in the trading field.
  • Access to the Content Platform and the MarketPlace of advanced trading algorithms. Users with trading experience, and their own trading strategies, can offer to sell their bespoke algorithms for use by others according to the tariffs established by them.

Why us?

  • We already have a working product. We have launched the first-generation trading terminal Moon-Bot.com in October 2017.
  • We already have an experienced team of professional software developers and active traders.
  • We have over 30 000 registrations in the system.
  • We support both Russian and English-speaking communities consisting of 4000+ active daily traders.
  • We are constantly developing and improving the product. Most of the changes are implemented based on the recommendations and requests of the community members.
  • We make the product both for ourselves and for our community.


  • The Terminal provides only local storage of personal data!
  • The MoonTrader Team does not collect your personal data and cannot access it remotely.
  • The lack of technological ability to withdraw personal funds from the user's account means that they can safely use the terminal only for trading, receiving public information from the exchange, and recovering data about the status of his account, while maintaining complete safety of their funds on the exchange account.
  • To provide a level of protection for the user’s funds, a Stop-loss function will be enabled by default for all possible terminal modules.
  • Two-factor authentication is used for all web services on the platform.

Key Features of the MoonTrader terminal

  • Cross-platform implementation
  • User-friendly interface with configurable customization options
  • Lightning fast execution of orders on the exchange, and order status update
  • Advanced orders. OCO orders
  • Trade Assistant
  • Algorithmic trading and Modular Algorithm Builder
  • Candlestick chart and indicators
  • Tick ​​chart display, with all market orders placed onto the chart
  • Advanced functions for manual trading. Indicators
  • Automatic signal trading (Telegram and Tradingview)
  • Automatic detection of market conditions and reaction to its changes
  • Trusted Management (TM) and Social Trading
  • Platform for user content and Marketplace for algorithms and services
  • Back-testing module on historical data
  • Many exchanges to choose from. Arbitrage trading
  • Corporate product

ICO Details

What is the $MOON token? Internal currency of the project. Payment for all services within the project, including fees for using advanced terminal versions.

Tokensale information

Token Name $MOON
Blockchain ETH, ERC-20
Total Supply 3,000,000 tokens - Hard Cap, no additional emission is provided. 600,000 (20% of tokens from the total issue) is reserved for the team and will be frozen at the end of the 3 rounds for 4 months.
Soft Cap $ 800 000 MOON, equal to the volume (26.66% of max. Emissions) and max. deadline (1 month) of the 1st round
Process of Distribution Tokens are distributed automatically for the ETH network, immediately after reaching Soft Cap, and semi-automatic for BTC and USDT throughout the entire ICO period.
Payment methods ETH, BTC, USDT
Min payment 1 ETH, 0.03 BTC, 300 USDT (Until Softcap is reached)

Round II ends in !

Raised so far: $432,632.16
Soft Cap $400K
Hard Cap $1.5M
35% Discount
Starts September 25, 2019
Ends October 25, 2019
20% Discount
Starts October 25, 2019
Ends November 25, 2019

Token Sale

  • Crowd-sale will last 12 weeks and will be divided into 3 rounds.
  • Rounds will be completed ahead of schedule if the volume of the batch is depleted.
  • Payment will be received in BTC, ETH and USDT

Round I

Starts June 20, 2019

1 month (maximum). 26.66% (800 000) of tokens from the total emission.

1 $MOON = 0.50 US dollars

Round II

Starts September 25, 2019

1 month (maximum). 26.66% (800 000) of tokens from the total emission.

1 $MOON = 0.65 US dollars

Round III

Starts October 25 (or earlier)

1 month (maximum). 26.66% (800 000) of tokens from the total emission.

1 $MOON = 0.80 US dollars

20% of tokens (600,000) - will be frozen at early stages of the development and later distributed among developers and to reward project participants in the early stages.

Token Allocation


Investor protection

  • During the 1st round of the ICO, investor funds (ETH transactions) are blocked by the smart contract within a buffer address until the Soft cap is reached.
  • After the Soft cap has been reached, investors immediately will receive the distributed tokens and then the tokens will be released according to the specified distribution process (automatically for transactions in ETH, at the time of transaction confirmation and semi-automatically for BTC and USDT).
  • If the Soft cap has not been reached within the time limit, the collected funds will be returned in full, using the automatic mode specified in the smart contract, for ETH transactions. And a semi-automatic, equivalent distribution method, for BTC and USDT.



White Paper (2019)
Lite Paper (2019)