Why do you need to run an ICO, according to your assurances you have a great product, have been on the market for more than a year, have you tried to invest profits in development? Or is there no profit?

MoonBot is good, but it was developed for a narrow range of tasks "on the go." Moon Trader is conceived as a universal platform, development of such a scale should be conducted from scratch, it requires not only serious investments, but also a huge pause (by the standards of the MoonBot release frequency), during which all the forces of the team will be thrown only to the new development process. In addition, we need to solve a series of organizational questions on the official registration of an IT company, listing of tokens on exchanges, and so on. The success of this enterprise is impossible without serious approach. With the help of the ICO, we invite you to share this success with us!

The prices for tokens declared on the tokesale are formed by us based on the cost of the token on the market of at least $ 1. We cannot guarantee such a price instantly, however, we have taken a number of measures affecting the $ MOON price increase:

  • Developed token economy, read more in WhitePaper
  • Burning tokens
  • Promoting the hold of the tokens
  • A large proportion of tokens remains with the team, so it is in our interest that the token becomes more and more expensive

You can sell the token direclty to other users on on such open markets like EtherDelta(ForkDelta) or IDEX right after the end of the 1st round of ICO, listing on larger exchanges will be performed after the release of MoonTrader terminal

“Everything that we have done and are doing currently is in our common interests. Please, read the WhitePaper (moontrader.io) and evaluate what opportunities we are talking about. A question regarding MoonBot's viability is disclosed below (question #7)”

We understand that during the transition period, our users should get more for less, so we have prepared a number of promotions:
1) Discounts
2) Bonuses
Tech support for MoonBot will last as long as MoonTrader is under development. MoonBot users will be able to start using MoonTrader with exclusive conditions. In addition, the release of MoonTrader is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020 and, having bought the PRO version now, you will already start earning and training your skills in crypto-trading.

The MoonTrader Team is published in WhitePaper and also on the ICO landing page. In the future, we ourselves can invite you if we do notice and appreciate any of your skills.

In order not to mislead our users, we indicated the worst option in the announcement message, that right on the day of release of the MoonTrader, the exchanges suddenly make a very significant change in the API. In fact, this happens very rarely. In the case of small changes in the exchanges API, that do not require Moonbot significant reworking, we will apply the changes but only in the scope of retaining the viability of the application.

"Your PRO version will work AT LEAST until the MoonTrader release date, which is projected declared to be released in the first quarter of 2020 (what will happen afterwards - read the previous question). And due to the fact that MoonTrader will have a monthly subscription (according to our preliminary estimates around $ 50) - significants investments will not be required.

Quote from our WhitePaper which describes why the MOON token will eventually become more expensive - The fixed number of tokens (no additional emission is provided) and the mechanics of token burning assume a deflationary model. Over time, the number of tokens available for turnover will decrease due to the underlying model and as a consequence of natural causes. With the growing number of project participants (terminal users, marketplace participants), the demand for the token as a universal means of payment between community members will grow.

"Approximately, the cost of 1 month subscription is estimated at $ 50. Annual subscription with a discount will cost approximately $ 500, half a year - $ 280. So 1 month = 50MOON, 6 months = 280MOON, 12 months = 500MOON. Depending on the ICO round, the cost of 1 MOON token is different, $0.5 - 1st round, $0.65 - 2nd round, $0.8 - 3rd round. Thus the cost of 1 year of the lowest subscription plan when you purchase tokens in the first round will cost you $ 250.
* The final cost will be determined after the official release of MoonTrader and will vary depending on the readiness and also by the user chosen functionality."

No, the cost of subscription fees, other features and services will be fixed in $, but will be paid in tokens. If the token has increased in its value, then fewer tokens will have to be paid for the same product; and if you also bought tokens on the ICO (with a discount of up to 50%), then your savings will grow many times! This is the benefit of participating in the ICO and further holding our tokens.

As it was written in the previous answers, payment plans method will be implemented. Most likely there will be a discount for paying for longer periods ex. six months, a year. We will announce all this information together with the official release of the new MoonTrader terminal.

Besides the subscription fee, you can buy / sell strategies for MOON tokens on the Marketplace. Also, tokens will be the automatic payment method in the Trusted Management service. Payment for testing strategies on historical data will also be accepted only in MOON tokens. Additional modules and more and more ... that is, as stated in the Whitepaper - everything related to the MoonTrader terminal will be paid by tokens.

"By participating in the ICO, you share with us not only success, but also the risks of delay. However, as you understand, it is more important for us to meet the deadlines than you, because the project’s profit and reputation completely depends on it. In addition, it is us, the MoonBot team, we are doing this project, and for almost 2 years of hard work, we have fulfilled all our promises."

The “Official list of pending requests for development” that we make up based on your requests is all that you (perhaps not you personally, but other users) would like to see in the terminal. This is something that will not be in MoonBot, but will be in Moontrader. If it suits you, you do not need to buy tokens. Just keep in mind that with the release of MoonTrader, those who bought tokens and those who will use it - will gain an advantage on the markets. So, even if you personally do not intend to use the MoonTrader - those who will use it will be happy to buy tokens from you to pay for their subscriptions!
All the advantages and features of the new MoonTrader terminal are described in detail in the WhitePaper.

All you need is to visit the moontrader.io website. There you will find all the information you need and go to the payment page. Payment is possible in BTC, ETH, USDT cryptocurrencies. The first round of the ICO is scheduled for June 20, 2019.